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To ensure optimal service to the customer, Purple Trasporti uses:

  • a flexible transport service and quality;
  • compliance with safety and hygiene;
  • vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art on-board instrumentation capable of guaranteeing geographic location of the vehicle in real time; position tracking at continuous intervals; recording of temperatures and opening doors; route recording; driving times and kilometers traveled; transmission of transport information directly to on-board personnel with an advanced communication system;
  • presentation by the crews of a “Service Relationship” which logs all stages of transport: the control of goods at loading;
  • constant cleaning of the means to ensure the respect of hygiene;
  • maintenance continues in collaboration with the manufacturers of vehicles.


Employees highly professional are the strength of Purple Trasporti:

  • crews: format at the beginning of the employment relationship, through periodic courses is constantly updated on regulations concerning safety and hygiene, on the media, on the procedures regulating the quality system and the needs of individual customers;
  • administrative personnel, logistical and technical: courses and updates in order to always offer the customer the technical and logistic solutions, best and most innovative.
  • to satisfy our customers and to assure recipients timely arrival of goods, our staff is available 24 hours on 24.


Purple Trasporti’s park is composed of 3-axle semi-trailers fitted with REFRIGERATED SEMITRAILER refrigerated Carrier and Thermoking (Diesel + Electric) configured to ensure maximum compliance with the HACCP regulations. The vehicles are fitted with Dividing Bulkhead MULTI TEMPERATURE, THERMAL RECORDER, SATELLITE and HYDRAULIC LIFT.

The car park of the company consists of approximately 85 tractors VOLVO-DAF –IVECO-MAN all within 5 years of age, and by semi-trailers with flatbed to 13.6 meters of load capacity of 33 epal From trucks (biga) with large volume of 38 euro/epal pallets conception and somewhere driving 17 euro/epal pallets.

All vehicles are fitted with thermal recorder with printer to enable the goods during carriage may travel under controlled temperature conditions and sanitation provided for by the HACCP method.

Our operators in the office have the opportunity, through other probes connected via satellite, to do measurements during transport, on request, up to 8 different times in 24 hours. Operators are notified of any operating anomalies through a visual alarm on their monitor, a system, this, on each of our medium.

The main products include various kinds of foods such as fresh pasta, sweets, fruit, fish, salami and fresh meat, frozen and deep frozen –30°C to +30°C.