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Purple Trasporti offers an exclusive and advantageous service of logistics platform for the storage and transhipment of fresh goods.

Our company organizes and coordinates the transhipment activity that will be carried out at its headquarters in Mozzecane (Verona).

With an efficient and perfectly organized logistics platform service, the load is transferred from one truck to another, without any storage or deposit phases, quickly and always in a controlled and optimal temperature condition, to then be transported directly to its destination.

Customers who for various reasons cannot allocate their production in the company, in relation to the transport service, can request a further special service from Purple Trasporti.

Here, in fact, with the capacity offered by 1000 m2 of temperature-controlled cold rooms intended exclusively for the storage of fruit and vegetables, you can leave your goods on consignment and have them delivered in full compliance with established methods, times and commercial agreements.

Thanks to the organized and secure groupage service, Purple Trasporti offers its customers the possibility to allocate their product to multiple destinations with the maximum optimization of delivery times and costs while always maintaining product quality.

Safe and tested groupage service guaranteed by an efficient internal organizational system that, from the moment of departure until delivery, coordinates a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles that daily moves throughout Europe knowing perfectly and touching all the markets by now almost twenty years.

Companies can entrust their product to Purple Trasporti knowing they can count on a qualified partner.

Bringing it directly to the headquarters, from here it will be delivered to its customers in the main fruit and vegetable markets throughout Europe. The guarantee of this service is given not only by the experience gained in many years of specialization in this sector, but also by a logistical organization of structure and absolutely avant-garde means.

The goods that arrive at Purple Trasporti are handled by specialized personnel with the utmost care and always in controlled temperature environments, from the moment they are unloaded, to sorting, to short or long storage depending on the agreements, during loading and of transport until delivery to the target market.

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